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Regularised Untreated Carcassing Grade

per metre

All Prices are per metre for lengths in stock. Only full stocked lengths are supplied but these can be cross cut for ease of transport at 50p per cut.
All prices are subject to VAT
1" x 2"22mm x 46mmUNGRADED£0.60£0.53


1" x 3"22mm x 72mmUNGRADED£0.90£0.803.6/4.2/4.8/5.4
1" x 4"22mm x 97mmUNGRADED£1.12£1.003.0/3.6/4.2/4.8/5.4
1" x 6"22mm x 150mmUNGRADED£1.43£1.274.2
1" x 8"22mm x 200mmUNGRADED£1.90£1.692.55/5.1
2" x 2"44mm x44mmUNGRADED£1.17£1.043.0/3.6/4.2/4.8/5.4
2" x 3"44mm x 72mmUNGRADED£1.71£1.523.6/4.2/4.8/5.4
3" x 3"72mm x 72mmUNGRADED£2.52£2.244.2/5.4
2" x 4"44mm x 97mmC16£1.55£1.493.0/3.6/4.2/4.8
2" x 6"44mm x 147mmC16£2.50£2.333.6/4.2/4.8
2" x 4"44mm x 97mmC24£1.68£1.623.0/3.6/4.2/4.8/5.4
2" x 5"44mm x 125mmC24£2.10£2.034.2/5.4
2" x 6"44mm x 147mmC24£2.70£2.523.6/4.2/4.8/5.4
2" x 7"44mm x 175mmC24£3.15£2.944.2/5.4
2" x 8"44mm x 197mmC24£3.60£3.364.2/5.4
2" x 9"44mm x 222mmC24£4.05£3.784.2/5.4
3" x 6"72mm x 147mmC24£4.05£3.784.8
3" x 9"72mm x 222mmC24£6.75£6.304.2/5.4